GTA VICE CITY APK or Grand Theft Auto is one of the most famous and popular video games around the world now.   Download the GTA Vice City APK Free of any Cost and Enjoy It.  GTA VICE CITY APK is one of the most addictive games now. You also want to play Grand Theft Auto Vice City but you don’t want to spend time and money. Here I have GTA VICE CITY APK for you. Now you can Play GRAND THEFT AUTO Vice City game download easily. The link is here in the post below.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City game is now one of the most popular video games over the years now.  GTA vice city download is being played by millions of user around the world.  The very first edition of GTA Vice City was launched by Rockstar Games in 2002. In first edition of GTA was launched for Playstations. GTA got very much popularity in its early stages due to which RockStar Games developed it more launched for other platforms as well.  It is reported that until now more than 17.5 million have been sold. Can you believe this?? Imagine the popularity and success of this amazing video game. If you have any kind of interest in this video games specially action and open world games and you still haven’t played GTA VICE City game download then you really need to download this game right now from the link below and enjoy it.

GTA Vice City APK is still the most demanding action video games in the game world now. This amazing game is available for all major operating system of computer and mobiles. GTA Vice City is available for Playstation, Xbox, OSX, iOS and Android user now in the market.


GTA Vice City APK – How to Play GTA Game 

GTA Vice City is an action game. The main objective to win this game is to pass all the missions with set objectives as a story. You can roam around your city and use all the resources available in the game. There are the most dangerous weapons available for playing GTA which you can use to kill your enemy.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Download follows the story of the former hitman Tommy Vercetti from the forelli crime family. The game starts when Tommy gets out of prison after 15 years and searches for the new life in Vice City.  There are sixty main missions of the game. You will be playing this game through the fiction character of Tommy Vercetti. You will be experience some amazing moments of the criminal live Vercetti and his companions through different interesting missions.

Some Basics About Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK

Extra Missions

There are two types of missions in this game. There are missions which are either part of main story or additional missions. The path of the game tells you when these missions are opened to you.   Extra missions are as follow in the list given below

Assassination Missions: AS in the start of GTA Vice City you will be given a cell phone that will lead to many other extra missions in the game. You will hear the voice detail a deadly mission and leave you instructions how to perform it.

Gang Missions: The Haitians and Cubans do not like each other at all. So these missions will come through the cell phone. When you are contacted, go to the Cafe Little Havana-Cubans or to the Auntie Poulet’s to trigger them.

Biker Missions: Mayhem and destruction ensue. These can be done only after the biker bar is opened to you downtown. Its indicated by a Spade on the map. Do a good job for big match and he will reward you in return.

Love First Missions:  The world’s scummiest rock band has jobs for you. They will be available at V-Rock building. Note that they will be available only after the band contacts you initially.

Property Missions: When you purchase different businesses the challenges of the game will be opened to you. Let me give you an example when you buy the Showroom, there is a car theft mission you can complete to score some new rides.

Vehicle Missions: Hopping to a certain rides will allow you to trigger missions to may some extra bonuses. You can press R3 and you will be on your way. All Vehicles with missions includes Pizza Boy, Taxi, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Cop Car. In addition to this you can also find some checkpoint Races and RC Missions to keep you engaged.

Finding hidden Packages

In GTA Vice City game there are 100 free packages in different unknown places on the map.  These packages are important and make you easy to play this game. When you collect them you are given bonuses that can be added to your safe house.

Doing Unique and Insane Stunt Jumps

In GTA Vice City now you can earn money and prestige by completing amazing jumps and stunts throughout the game. The insane jumps will give you money and fame while unique stunt jumps are needed to complete the game.

Going on Rampages

During the game whenever you find a skull icon somewhere then it is the time now for a Rampage. It is most useful resources. A Rampage allows you to kill a specific number of gang members in a required time period with the help of a predetermined weapon. There are 35 Rampages include in this game.

Sticking Up Stores

Another anti social activity you can engage in is sticking up different establishments. This is more faster way to collect money. So you need to do it fully complete the game.

Buying Stuff

As whenever you are sent to get new clothes during the game, those same duds will be available for you to wear around. In order to complete (100%) this game and win you will have to do many of the following things anyway. In fact these are the things you will have to accomplish to earn a 100% ranking.

  • You must complete the main story of the game to win.
  • Complete the extra missions in the game.
  • Complete all Rampages include in the game.
  • You should buy all Possible Properties.
  • Do all of the 35 unique Stunt Jumps of the game.
  • Collect all the 100 Hidden Packages of the game.
  • Stick Up all stores.

If you are Die or Get Busted:

In GRAND THEFT AUTO VICE CITY if you are dying or get busted unfortunately you will be taken to the hospital to cure immediately. Every time when you wound or die the hospital is there. The bed news here is you will be stripped of your weapons, lose the current mission and lose some money also. The more frustrating thing is you will be transported to the nearest place which could be a long distances way from your current place.

Track your Current Progress with Stats

Your stats will show you where you are in this game and what you are doing. You can see your progress by pressing pause menu.  The stats screen will display you all your statistics like how far you are in the game, how many vehicles you have wrecked, what cost of police department, the number of people you have killed until now, the number of missions you have completed now and your favorite radio stations.

The top of this screen is your criminal rating. You will a numerical number and a title to rate your status in the game. Complete as much as missions you can. You will start as complete scrub then work up to Ex, Con or Bag Man.

GTA Vice City APK – How to Install GTA Vice City Game on Android 

  1. If you have any previous version of GTA Vice City games then first of all uninstall it from your Android devices.
  2. Now download the GTA Vice City APK MOD file from the link below as per your requirements.
  3. Now select you downloaded GTA Vice City APk file and run it by clicking on it.
  4. Now tap on the install option and tap wait some moments for the process tobe completed.
  5. After the completion of this process your game is now installed. Don’t open it this time.
  6. Go Back to download folder again and find the GTA Vice City MOD OBB file.
  7. It is a zip file. So extract it contents into /sdcard/Android/obb folder now.  Use any of file managers like ES file Explorer to extract it.
  8. Before the running of GTA Vice City there must be a folder named as rockstargames.gtavc.
  9. If this folder is available at the above location (/sdcard/Android/obb) that means you have extracted OBB zip file successfully. Go back to your screen and start playing GTA Vice City Hacked APK now.

GTA VICE CITY APK – Important Features

  • GTA Vice City is designed in amazing high definition Graphics. It has really cool Graphics, lighting effects and the characters which attract people to play this game.
  • GTA vice City Apk is open for many platforms. It is compatible with MoGa Wireless Game Controller and many other USB game pads.
  • As anyone in any part of the world can understand and play GTA Vice City because it is available in many famous languages around the world. So now it doesn’t matter where you are from or which language you understand.
  • You can customize the graphics and other setting according to your device. It can be customize to run smoothly according to the device you are using.
  • The latest version of GTA Vice City Apk is updated with new amazing features. It as new and updated maps which has new vehicles and areas.
  • GTA Android Mod has targeting and tailored options as well.
  • There are many interesting tasks and missions while playing GTA Vice City. You will be really enjoying.


As I have already mentioned above that GTA Vice City Apk is one of the best video games ever which are available for mobile as well as pc operating systems. It is in fact the most famous video game since 2002. It has earned a massive success for the last 16 years now. If you still haven’t played it you should Download GTA Vice City from the link below for free and install on whatever device you have.


Now you can get grand theft auto vice city free download from the link below.  Note that this is file of gta vice city for android.

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